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RK Sympathy is an organization which takes technology and uses it to spread mental illness awareness, to change people's lives. The core part of the technology we use to do this are the singers we create, in a program called UTAU.

Creating singers, it sounds strange, right? Believe it or not, they sound very human. Not only that, they can teach us to be human!

By assigning each voice, or as we call them, Sympathyloid, a mental illness, we are able to create an entire personality and history to go along with them. With this, each of our creations have a life laid out in front of them, lives just like ours.

When we show you their experiences, you are viewing an example of what others with the same mental illness could be facing. All the hardships, the effects to daily life, the thoughts that come along with them, the physical impacts, and the dents in social abilities, you see them all, and hopefully, you understand it all.

Sympathy and empathy are two important factors in our organization, and if we're unable to achieve both, we're going to at least achieve one. Sympathy.

How can you help us with this? There are many ways. The most effective is by downloading our voices and using them for the better good!

Each stands for their own mental illness, and you can use them to share awareness about them from experiences and knowledge of your own!

If you'd like to support us further, complete voicebank languages are sold in our webstore, they include five extra banks!

Additionally, we now have an application section for those who wish to help out with our cause!

We thank everyone for their continuous support, and wish everyone a good journey in forming their empathy-filled lives!

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