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What we do

RK Sympathy is an online organization that spreads mental health awareness through various forms of media. We’re primarily known for our work with vocal synthesis, where we develop singing synthesized voices for consumer use.

These singers are known as “Sympathyloids”, and can be seen throughout our organization. We conduct several projects featuring these characters, all with a mental health focus. At the moment, this includes the development of the visual novel, State of Presence, and the production of the webcomic, Ambivalence.


The goal of these projects is to provide an example of people who face an assortment of different mental disorders. For our audience, the Sympathyloids themselves act as a medium to share their feelings, experiences, and emotions related to their specified illness - or even just mental health in general.

With the combination of a voice, design, and story-telling aspects, the Sympathyloids are here to help spread mental health awareness through all sorts of media! There’s a ‘loid for everyone to connect with, it’s just a matter of time before you find yours!

Let’s all do our best to make the world a little more aware!