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RK Sympathy

  1. Why do you use "sympathy"? Why not "empathy"?

    While empathy towards another has more effect than sympathy, we thought more logic applied to sympathy instead.

    Yes, we do think empathy is a big part of our organization, but we see the two more like this:

    Step 1: Sympathy

    Step 2: Empathy

    A lot of the time, before you reach empathetic feelings towards someone, you'll feel sympathy towards them first.

    The first step is always the hardest to take.

    That's why we emphasize sympathy much more than empathy, because we find it more fitting to show you the first step to helping others before the goal.

  2. What can I do to contribute?

    You can find a list of ways to participate on our How To Help page.

    In addition, feel free to refer back to our three objectives for more ideas!

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  1. What is UTAU?

    UTAU is a free voice synthesizer that allows anyone to create their own electronic singers.

    It is known to be similar to the VOCALOID program. In fact, some people call it the free version of it. However, the only similarities between the programs are their purpose. Like any other voice synthesizer, UTAU has its own unique way of functioning.

    For more details on the program, feel free to check out our About UTAU page.

  2. How do I use the program?

    We have many tutorials about UTAU and its functions on our Using Voicebanks page. You should find everything you need to know there.

    If you have already downloaded a voicebank, you can find all applicable tutorials for it within the folder the voice library is located. Just look through the files and you should be able to find it!

  3. I don't understand what VCV/VCCV/CVVC stand for.

    These are all voicebank types.

    V = Vowel

    C = Consonent

    As an example, VCV stands for "vowel-consonant-vowel".

    Different voicebank types are used for different languages. Following the example above, the VCV type is used for our Japanese voicebanks while VC CV is used for our English.

    Details on how to use these bank types are provided within the files of any downloaded Sympathyloid. Simply search through the folder for more information. Additionally, these tutorials can be found on our Using Voicebanks page.

  4. What is an Append?

    Appends are voicebanks infused with a specific emotion.

    While the specific names vary, all Sympathyloids have Appends derived from three temperaments: SOFT, SERIOUS, and POWERFUL.

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Mental Health

  1. How many mental illnesses do you plan to cover?

    In the beginning, RK Sympathy added new Sympathyloids based on requests from our audience. However, after covering most of the DSM-5 and fulfilling all appropriate requests, there doesn't seem to be a need for many more Sympathyloids, if any.

    Therefore, we believe 40 would be a suitable number.

  2. How will this help people?

    Even if these Sympathyloids aren't human themselves, they can still teach us to be human.

    Everything has some sort of stereotype. Everything has been made fun of at least once. The reasoning for it? People don't actually know anything about it, so they assume, and while it may be amusing to some, it can hurt others.

    If we can take away that reasoning, then maybe we can make people realize. Maybe then, instead of looking down on someone because of how they are, they'll try to be nice to them, or help them.

    Wouldn't it be great for that person? Every action creates a chain reaction. One small kind act could become the light of hope for another.

    Yeah, we're all humans, but we don't all act like it. Things like this are what keep us from becoming like any other animal.

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  1. How can I find out what languages are planned for a specific Sympathyloid?

    Each Sympathyloid's individual page is divided into sections based on planned languages. This division starts below the "Voicebank Information" section that's located at the top.

    All Sympathyloids have both Japanese and English languages, any additional languages can vary.

  2. Are there references for Sympathyloid designs?

    There are! All Sympathyloids are expected to have these references:

    • Hairstyle Reference (1)
    • Casual Design Reference (1)
    • Language Design References (3+)

    However, each reference sheet might not be available right away. Sympathyloids with released references will have them included in their individual page. They should be found in a new section at the bottom.

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  1. When does a Sympathyloid have their demos released?

    Sympathyloids have 3 demos for each of their languages. The first demo is released after the prototype for that language's FULL bank has been finalized. The next two demos should be expected soon afterwards.

  2. How do I access the implemented Appends in a FULL bank?

    If you're using a FULL voicebank, type in the syllable you wish to use and add these based on the Append you're looking for.

    SOFT: " -"

    SERIOUS: " ~"

    POWERFUL: " +"

    Make sure the space is included before the symbol. Otherwise, the program won't be able to locate the file.

    The full tutorial for this can be found on the Using Voicebanks page, under "Appends Explanation" in the "FULL Bank Tutorials" section.

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State of Presence

  1. What system will the visual novel be available on?

    State of Presence will be available on PC. Other platforms aren't guarenteed at this moment.

  2. What genre is State of Presence?

    State of Presence is a Supernatural/Drama/Psychological visual novel.

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  1. I don't have experience with the UTAU program. Can I still apply?

    You don't need any experience with UTAU in order to apply.

    In fact, when it comes to voicing, not having to record a voicebank before may actually make the recording process easier for your voice. Additionally, we set up recording sessions with voicers who need them in order to guide them through the recording process. Therefore, having no experience is nothing to worry about.

    In a producer's case, we're happy to teach you or simply lend a hand in any part of the program you need help with. In other words, you don't have to be an expert. We'll be there to assist you when needed.

  2. [Voicer] I want to apply, but I'm on a different gender than the Sympathyloid I'm applying for! Is that alright?

    RK Sympathy doesn't judge applications based on the applicant's gender. In fact, we have quite a few voicers who provide voices to Sympathyloids that don't share the same gender identity as them.

    If you wish to do the same, feel free to send the application in! We're completely okay with it!

  3. [Voicer] What do you mean by "high-quality" microphone?

    As long as your microphone doesn't pick up white noise and there's no background noise in your samples, you're good!

  4. [Voicer] Do I need to know other languages or at least how to pronounce them for this?

    Nope! It's not a requirement at all!

    If you don't know a language that you have to record in the future, we have people on our team willing to help you with pronunciation. You don't have to worry about a thing!

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