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Artist Application

An Artist's Job

Artists, as expected, help us bring a more visual appeal to our work. We're always searching for future artists to commission, as we enjoy having a wide range of styles for our different audiences. Our organization uses artists for many things, whether it be for commercial use, our website, any events, or one of our side projects, we appreciate any work from them, and always credit! What also varies is our amount of commissioning. One artist may be commissioned for a few works, while another could be commissioned for almost every Sympathyloid. With our amount of Sympathyloids still growing, it's recommended to be prepared for any amount of commissions when applying. Additional requirements are also necessary when adding yourself to our list of artists.  We ask that you read through them before continuing on to the application form, as we don't want to have to deal with future problems from one not fulfilling them. 


  • Must be fine with multiple commissions (We have many Sympathyloids, and so often times we have to commission multiple times for certain groups of them.)
  • Ability to draw both female, male, and third genders
  • Approval from artist for certain usage (usage varies between commercial, website, events, and side projects)

Any art style is accepted. Let your imagination go wild!

If you believe you fulfill all these requirements and are still interested, here's the application form! Our response may not be immediate, but we will answer after we read it. Please keep in mind that we may not need you straight away, but if we feel we may need you in the future, we'll inform you.