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Charity Application

A Charity's Job

Charities and organizations, while not having to do much for us themselves, are still a big part of our organization. In fact, it's part of our job to aid them! With our voicebanks, a percentage of their profit goes to a selected charity or organization related to the mental illness the Sympathyloid represents. Our side projects also donate a percentage of profit, and events in the future will too. The only job a charity has is to accept our help and let us stand by their side! Even if you're not a part of a charity or organization yourself but would like to recommend one, you're allowed to. However, certain parts of the application are to be filled differently. Either way, the charity or organization must follow the requirements below. We ask that you read through them before continuing on to the application form, as we don't want to have to deal with future problems from one not fulfilling them.


  • Be related to a mental illness or future subject we go over
  • Have a website
  • Be active (hosts events or simply does things to help others often)

A physical location isn't required, but it does make the organization or charity more likely to be selected.

If you believe you fulfill all these requirements and are still interested, here's the application form! Our response may not be immediate, but we will answer after we read it. Please keep in mind that we may not need you straight away, but if we feel we may need you in the future, we'll inform you.