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Why do you use “Sympathy”? Why not “Empathy”?

While empathy towards another has more effect than sympathy, we thought more logic applied to sympathy instead.
Yes, we do think empathy is a big part of our organization, but we see the two more like this:
Step 1: Sympathy
Step 2: Empathy
A lot of the time, before you reach empathetic feelings towards someone, you'll feel sympathy towards them first.
The first step is always the hardest to take.
That's why we emphasize sympathy much more than empathy, because we find it more fitting to show you the first step to helping others before the goal.

What are “Sympathyloids”?

The “Sympathyloids” are the character designs attached to our synthesized voices. They are used as a medium to spread mental health awareness, by allowing people to share their experiences, feelings, and knowledge about mental health through a shared entity.
In RK Sympathy’s side projects, such as State of Presence and Ambivalence, these characters are given personalities in order to properly demonstrate an example of someone dealing with mental illness on a day-to-day basis.

How many mental illnesses do you plan to cover?

Since each Sympathyloid has been diagnosed with a mental illness of their own, we have topped the number at 40. The selection we have chosen covers both common and lesser-known mental illnesses. We hope you find the assortment inclusive!



Vocal synthesis

When can we expect voicebanks to release?

We are now developing voicebanks two or three at a time.
After a duo or trio is announced, we’ll release updates and demonstrations before ultimately deciding on a date. With this in mind, it’s best to check in with us on social media!

What languages do you plan to include for your voicebanks?

While languages available to a specific Sympathyloid will vary, these are languages we plan to cover overall:

  • English (available for all)

  • Japanese (available for all)

  • Dutch

  • French

  • German

  • Polish

  • Russian

  • Swedish



State of Presence

What system will the visual novel be available on?

State of Presence will release for the PC. Other platforms aren’t guaranteed at this moment.

What Genre is State of Presence?

State of Presence is a Supernatural / Drama / Psychological visual novel.

Which Sympathyloids will be featured in the game?

At its current stage, we don’t want to spoil anything for the full game yet.
However, the demo will include:

  • Kacper Takarski (Protagonist)

  • Izaak Kava (Main)

  • Marcel Takarski (Main)

  • Osamu Tamotsu (Main)

  • Mikhail Volkov (Secondary)

  • Sakura Makoto (Secondary)

  • Uri Makoto (Secondary)

  • Suzette Blanc (Secondary)

Will there be voice acting?

The demo will include voice acting by each Sympathyloid’s respective voicer. We’re also aiming to have scripted lines be in the appropriate languages for each scene.




Where can I read Ambivalence?

Ambivalence is available for FREE on WEBTOONS!
Find the comic here.

What genre is Ambivalence?

Ambivalence is a Drama / Romance webcomic.
…But don’t worry, we WON’T be romanticizing any illnesses.

Do I need an account to read?

Nope! Just go to the link and you have access to everything.
However, you DO need an account to comment and subscribe!

Which Sympathyloids will be featured in the COMIC?

These are the Sympathyloids that are currently in SEASON 1:

  • Valentin Sokolov (Protagonist)

  • Taras Chaykovsky (Protagonist)

  • Nikon Sokolov (Main)

  • Yaroslava Kozlov (Main)

Expect more as the comic goes on!