RK Sympathy

Here to make the world a little more aware

How To Help

Curious as to what you can do to help?

There are many ways to support us! Here's a few of them!

1. Download our voicebanks

In the Sympathyloids section, you'll find a list of all of our Sympathyloids and their mental illnesses. Additionally, you'll be able to access each of their pages. On their pages, you'll find links, if available, to their downloadable voicebanks.

Once downloaded, you can easily open the voicebank in the UTAU program. If you have not worked with UTAU before, you'll find some tutorials on how to work the program within the folder the voicebank is located.

2. Purchase our voicebanks

All of our voicebanks have both FREE and FULL versions. FULL versions are purchasable, with percentage of their profit donated to a selected charity, and the rest going back to those who helped create it.

FULL voicebanks include an extra five voicebanks. Two of those banks are extra pitches, allowing the CORE bank to have a much wider range and realistic sound than the FREE.

The other three voice libraries are called Appends. RK Sympathy defines an Append as "a voicebank infused with a specific emotion". Each of our Sympathyloids' FULL banks include three of these: SOFT, SERIOUS, and POWER.

FULL packages include these separate banks (CORE, SOFT, SERIOUS, and POWER) in addition to the "FULL voicebank". This version of the voice library can be considered a CORE voicebank with integrated Appends.

3. Get creative

It's time to put those voicebanks to use and get creative with it!

The best way to do this is through music, they're singers after all! We encourage users to write lyrics based on experience and knowledge of the mental illness the specified Sympathyloid represents. If you can't come up with something yourself, feel free to go along with our storyline!

Of course, this isn't the only way to show your creativity. Additionally, you can do things such as artwork, writing, and whatever else you can imagine! There's no limit!

Just make sure to follow our Usage Clause!

4. Partner with us

For those of you who'd like to become a part of our team, we have a new application section!

If you feel you fit the requirements for any of the positions, feel free to apply! They're always open!

5. Donate to us

If you wish to help, but don't feel the other ways to are something you'd do, we're always taking donations! It takes a lot to keep this organization running, and the more donations we receive, the faster we'll be able to produce voicebanks, side projects, and more for all our supporters!

You can find the Donate button in the bottom section of our website if you're interested!

6. Spread the word

We're nothing without all of you standing behind us. Even simply having your support is a big help!

Please spread the word of our purpose, and do your part in making the world more aware of all the people out there who need our help and understanding!