New Year, New Look!


The start of 2019 is the start of a new beginning with this rendition of RK Sympathy!

We’re excited to welcome you to our new site, where AKIHIRO and SVANTE have taken over the web design! Purple, pink, and red hues spread across all our pages, which contain 60+ new art pieces. Much of our old content has been replaced with brand new descriptions and some pages have been remade entirely!

Pages we’d recommend checking out are:

  1. About

    It’s always good to know an organization’s main goals and motives! Here we discuss what RK Sympathy does and plans to do in the future.

  2. News

    We have a new blog system! Don’t forget to check back here to get the latest updates on RK Sympathy’s work.

  3. Store

    Get ready for our new webstore! In addition to the physical merchandise we previously offered, digital items are now available. You can try out the system with our new phone wallpapers. With a positive future ahead, be on the lookout for new merchandise announcements as well!

  4. Sympathyloids

    Our vast array of Sympathyloids now include new artwork in addition to project marks! Those labelled with an AMBV (for Ambivalence) or an SoP (for State of Presence) will also be included in their respective projects. Furthermore, the page has been separated into categories of voicebank progress.


    Now you can read up on RK Sympathy’s mascot! This page includes detailed information on Illness Anxiety Disorder, what to expect of the vocal, some personal information, and even a quote from the gentle giant himself!


    When talking about one, you can forget the other - say welcome RK Sympathy’s other mascot! His page has the same setup as AKIHIRO’s, with his own information on Delusional Disorder, vocal descriptions, personal information, and quote included.

  7. State of Presence

    We didn’t forget about RK Sympathy’s other projects! You can find information about the game on this new page, as well as some art and screenshots.

  8. Ambivalence

    Finally, don’t forget to check out our latest project! The Ambivalence page is a good place to start when learning about our webcomic, and there’s a big purple link that’ll take you to the first episode!

Have you gone through them all yet? There’s no rush! Feel free to explore through the site yourself and see what you can find!