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Producer Application

A Producer's Job

Producers help us when it comes to releasing new voicebanks, certain events, and side projects. Their job is basically to create music our Sympathyloids can sing with! Since our voicebanks have many languages and voice types, we accept a wide range of producers who are willing to work with us. Music is a pretty important part of our organization after all! There are many things their songs can be used for, but if it's to release a newer voicebank, producers have the option to either use the voice in a cover of one of their own songs as a demo to simply sample it, or create a new original song. When an original song is chosen, it's encouraged to address the mental illness the voice represents, but not required. However, there are certain things that are necessary when adding yourself to our list of producers. We ask that you read through them before continuing on to the application form, as we don't want to have to deal with future problems from one not fulfilling them. 


  • experience in writing music
  • approval from producer for certain usage
  • willingness to go over delicate subjects

Any music style is accepted. Let your imagination go wild!

If you believe you fulfill all these requirements and are still interested, here's the basic format your email should be in. Our response may not be immediate, but we will answer after we read it. Please keep in mind that we may not need you straight away, but if we feel we may need you in the future, we'll inform you.