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State of Presence is a combination of the Supernatural, Drama, and Psychological visual novel genres. It's the tale of Kacper Takarski, a Polish man who has just awoken to find himself dead - and no memory of the incident that could cause such a fate.

Now in a completely new environment (and for the most part, surrounded by completely new people - both dead and alive), Kacper's left to trail after the one person he recognizes and attempt to piece together his past and present through the connections this man seems to have.

Game content

Our visual novel's story mainly focuses on mental illnesses and the characters' struggling with them. There's a paranormal aspect to it all, and a possible BxB relationship with the main character. There are also BxG and GxG shown with side characters.

Overall Purpose

This visual novel is being produced by RK Sympathy, an organization that spreads mental illness awareness through multimedia.

In this project we cover many mental illnesses and how those suffering them go about their lives. Due to this, a lot of research is put into every one that's included. We hope that through this, individuals will be able to learn more about these disorders and become more empathetic. However, it should be addressed that each case of the various mental illnesses can vary and that the characters used are simply examples.


Game features and systems

Memory timeline

This feature allows you to view any scenes you've already seen or new memories you've unlocked. In addition, the timeline expands as time passes.

Dream world

The Dream World is a menu accessible during nighttime. Through it, Kacper can either explore memories (progression to the next day with a chance of unlocking a new memory), access his Memory Timeline, or view his thoughts on others (view his knowledge of character profiles).


A shopping system where you can purchase items that'll either help you progress through the game, unlock certain memories, or give access to certain scenes.


This feature can be used to delve deeper into memories. Paintings are created by your selection of paints, which can be bought from the shop. Depending on your combination is the type of memory you'd unlock. Paintings can take a while, so only a certain amount can actually be completed by the end of the game. As a result, this feature is still useful throughout different playthroughs. When completed, paintings can either be sold or gifted.


The current state of your being. This works similar to a health bar, except when it reaches 0, you diminish. However, unlike a health bar, this status is almost impossible to replenish.


This status influences Kacper's actions and speech, slightly changing some of the text throughout the game. This has a range of what's considered misbehavior, neutral, and good behavior. At the beginning of the game, the status starts off as good behavior.