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Translator Application

A Translator's Job

With RK Sympathy's inclusion of many different languages and cultures, the role of a translator is an important one. Tasks can range from the translation of business emails, to scripts for side projects, to even song lyrics! Depending on the assignment, your help could either be needed for the short or long-term. We recommend that you prepare yourself for either just in case. Don't forget to be aware of deadlines as well! If you think you're up for the job, then we ask that you read through the translator requirements before moving onto the application form. After all, it's best to watch out for potential issues now instead of being caught off guard later!


  • Ability to work with deadlines
  • Multiple ways of communication (email, Skype, etc.)

Proficiency in any of our voicebank languages is not required.

If you believe you fulfill all these requirements and are still interested, here's the application form! Our response may not be immediate, but we will answer after we read it. Please keep in mind that we may not need you straight away, but if we feel we may need you in the future, we'll inform you.