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Using Voicebanks

You can find links to view all of our tutorials here.

All of our voicebanks contain lessons on different UTAU subjects.

Free voicebanks include a basic tutorial about using the UTAU program, another on creating .ust files, and a further about the voicebank type (VCV, VCCV, etc.).

Full voicebanks include those listed above, in addition to tutorials on how to use our appends and working with breath.

The languages of the tutorials included with the bank vary on what language the voice library is. Normally, we include English + the voicebank language. Additional languages will be added here.

FREE Bank Tutorials:


UTAU Basics


Creating USTs




Bank Type Tutorials:


VCV (JP) Explanation


VCCV (ENG) Explanation


FULL Bank Tutorials:


Appends Explanation


Breath in UTAU