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Voice Creation

UTAU is a voice synthesizer program, one which gives you the ability to create your own voices. The quality of these voices, however, vary on how well one is able to work with the following steps of creation: recording and oto’ing. These steps can be split even further down into: using a decent quality microphone, controlling voice frequencies, oto’ing, and of course, beta-testing afterwards.

One mistake in these steps, and the entire voicebank can be ruined. This is why people often have problems when creating their own voices, obtaining a decent quality microphone can be hard, and all other steps take a lot of practice before they can be perfected.

The program works by pitching recorded files to certain notes and connecting them together. This makes the quality of just the recorded files themselves a key factor in recording. A decent quality microphone can help the quality greatly, however, the microphone is not the only part of recording quality. Someone who wishes to voice an ‘UTAUloid’ must know how to control their voice. Too loud, the microphone is unable to take it, too quiet, the microphone will pick up background noise along with the voice. On that note, background noise is also something that must be perfect. Even a simple fan can interfere with recorded files and destroy frequencies.

After you’ve finished recording, you must bring all the files into the program in a folder. It’s time to begin the oto’ing process.

Above is the basic setup of oto'ing. When oto'ing, you click and drag the lines to a placement similar as so. The example above is simply for VCV voicebanks. This one specifically is of Sakura Makoto's FREE JP. Different voicebank types normally require different ways of oto'ing. However, the labels above remain the same.

By oto'ing a voicebank, you are creating files which allow the syllables to connect clearly and sound smoother. Without oto'ing, a voicebank can end up stuttering on syllables, producing clicking noises at certain consonants, and more. That's why it's a very important part of the process!

Those are the basic steps we follow for recording voicebanks. We've spent years to get to the quality we're at now, all because we wish to provide you with the best quality possible!

We hope you enjoyed this inside look on our creation!