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Voicer Application

A Voicer's Job

Being a voicer, or voicebank provider, is one of the most important positions in our organization. Without them, our Sympathyloids would be voiceless, as it's their job to practice and record all files for their voicebanks. They must study pronunciation for different languages, practice holding notes of different syllables, and record many reclists. This is all done around the voicer's schedule, and we, of course, provide aid in all these jobs by guiding them through all the way, so a voicer's beginning skill set isn't required to be too advanced with the abilities above. However, there are certain things that are essential in order to become a good voicer, and these requirements can not simply be passed over. We ask that you read through them before continuing on to the application form, as we don't want to have to deal with future problems from one not fulfilling them.


  • High quality microphone
  • Ability to record many voicebanks
  • Willingness to learn pronunciation of different languages
  • Multiple ways of communication (email, Skype, etc)

No singing experience is required, but it can be helpful.

If you believe you fulfill all these requirements and are still interested, here's the application form! Our response may not be immediate, but we will answer after we read it. Please keep in mind that we may not need you straight away, but if we feel we may need you in the future, we'll inform you.


The file samples for a voicer should be you recording these voicebank syllables. You are allowed to send multiple if you are applying with different voice types. When sending multiple, name the files "Sample1_Voice1", "Sample2_Voice1", "Sample1_Voice2", and so on.
"a" (from Kimiko's voicebank)
"ba_ba_bi_ba_bu_be_ba" (from Kimiko's voicebank)