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Ambivalence is a Drama/Romance webcomic written by Moonstar, drawn by Ruka Kurokawa, and produced by RK Sympathy. It features Russian Sympathyloids Valentin SokolovNikon SokolovTaras Chaykovsky, and Yaroslava Kozlov. Future episodes may also add another batch to the mix.


Define perfect. To be desirable and flawless? Or to be real and absolute? Taras believes there’s such a thing as being too perfect, and as out-of-touch with reality he is, that doesn’t mean he can’t recognize it when this guy is staring him in the face.

As expected, this webcomic has a big focus on the mental illnesses these ‘loids stand for. At first it may not be stated outright, but it’s the little daily things that piece together and show the symptom criteria as a whole. (It should also be kept in mind that everyone experiences mental illness in their own way, so what is shown here isn’t just a copy-paste for each person with them.) We put a lot of research into the disorders themselves as well as people’s personal experiences with them, so we hope you’ll find the outcome adequate.